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"No amount of discussion will ever enable one to be prepared who is not ready to perceive Truth. It will not be found strange if, in a series of lessons necessarily brief and condensed, there shall be many points that cannot, perhaps, be solved; but as the germ is placed within the sod and time is required for growth, so we plant these Truths as seeds given to us from the higher states of Celestial Being, trusting to the future for their germination, growth, and fructification in your lives."
-- Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond, The Soul in its Human Embodiments, 1888

Psychic Energy Binds Us All

19th Century Spiritualist Movement

Kathleen posts intriguing stories and enlightening articles that explore the 19th century spiritualist movement. The gifted Cora L.V. Richmond (born Cora L.V. Scott), mediumship and other psychic abilities, parapsychology, as well as their impact on women's rights, equality, and spirituality are featured. This section also includes a list of books that further explore the mysteries of the psychic experience.

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Exploring the Gifts of a Psychic

From Article: "Everyone possesses psychic ability. The difference is that most don't actively work to develop it or trust it... There are several ways in which psychic abilities manifest within an individual... these abilities may have a genetic link."  Read article

Women's Spirituality: Feminism and the Evolved Feminine Soul, by Kathleen Meadows

From Article: This site is dedicated to my Spiritual Mother, Teacher and Guide, Mrs. Cora Richmond... When I met Mrs. Cora Richmond in August 2007 through her small book, The Soul in its Human Embodiments, my soul sang with joy. I had at last found what I had been relentlessly seeking my whole life."  Read article

"...I just wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right about everything you said about my dad. You said he could be ingesting something he's allergic to and doesn't know it so he keeps ingesting it...It was discovered [later] that he has a severe allergy to flaxseed...I can't thank you enough for your insight into his health problems, he is already feeling better." Read More


Cora L.V. Richmond: Child Medium and Gifted Seeress, A Biography

From Article: "Born Cora L.V. Scott on April 21, 1840... the startling gifts of this child medium, evident by the age of eleven, prepared the way for her globally recognized spiritual guidance. The mores of her family of origin home was entirely free from the teachings of orthodoxy meaning that Cora's early developing mind had not been biased by dogmatic theology."  Read article

Twentieth Century Prophecy Fulfillments: A Discourse with Cora Richmond

From Article: "Cyclic fulfillments are just as certain as the recurrence of the seasons and the revolutions of the planets, and their conjunctions, and the reappearance of comets. It only remains for one to have knowledge of the great spiritual forces of the universe to understand that spiritual life contains all these prophecies and their fulfillments."  Read article

Spiritual Guidance from the Other Side: A Spirit's Wisdom Shared Through Cora Richmond

From Article: "One cannot continue to seek for messages from the Spirit world, especially messages pertaining to spiritual unfoldment, without its wakening enlightenment from within. One cannot be in daily and hourly communication with those who are guardian spirits or ministering attendants without some unfolding of the aspirations that are within-hence there is a perceptible spiritual change in the world; human thought has grown many degrees since the advent of Modern Spiritualism."  Read article


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Dr. Carl Wickland: Bridging the Realms of the Spirit and the Mind

From Article: "Do you recognize the name Carl Gustav Jung? I'd be surprised if the majority reading this article didn't. A Swiss born psychiatrist who purportedly formulated and developed a number of ground-breaking theories on the psyche, Dr. Jung has become quite a party favourite among so called New Age adherents, modern philosophers and esotericists."  Read article

Women's Sufferage and Our Forgotten Grandmother of Wisdom

From Article: "Over the past year and a half I've been spending much of my spare time researching 19th century spiritualism. I can't seem to get enough of it. The connections in particular between the suffrage movement, spiritualism and the emerging notions of sanity are enthralling."  Read article

Spiritualism Ushering in Women's Emancipation

From Article: "Many spiritualists today don't know that the mid-19th century spiritualist movement was the axis and engine of the feminist movement. In manner of dress, rights to speak in public forums, to own their own money, to be spiritual leaders, and to declare a woman's right to equality, the spiritualists cleared the path."  Read article

Recommended Reading List for Psychic Development Seekers

Kathleen suggests books that she recommends to clients and students as they represent, in her opinion, the best of their genre.  Read article

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